Flip half pad MATTE Dressage

Ecogold Equestrian

Color side A
Color side B
Clear (White)

All Ecogold pad are made on demand and takes 2 weeks

The Flip Half Pad™ Matte is the latest Ecogold reversible half pad. Vegan, ethically-produced, and respectful of environmental standards, it is the hardest working pad, providing superior support and protection to your horse’s back. Shimmable.

Side A comes in stylish Havana, Mocha, Navy and Black. Flip it and “Side B” comes in traditional white or black.


This innovative half pad brings much more than good looks. ECOGOLD’s engineering team have raised the bar to create the most technically-advanced half pad, providing the highest level of protection, breathability and safety.

– Anatomical shape provides spine and wither relief.

– Non-slip surface on both sides keeps your saddle secure.

– Hypoallergenic, 100% breathable.

– Breathable with cooling air-vent to dissipate moisture and keep your horse comfortable.

– Premium High Resilience Foam – The highest level of protection for your horse. Offering superior supporting force and durability than conventional foam or memory foam (low resilience), High Resilience Foam reduces pressure at the points of greatest weight and quickly springs back after impact to provide support and protection to your horse’s back.

 Shimmable: Removable inserts with opening for the perfect saddle fit.

How thick is The Flip? The Flip Half Pad comes with a 3/4″ Premium High Resilience Foam layer but since this pad has pockets, you can adjust it to your desired width. You can order additional 1/2″ thick front shims, back shims.

– Machine washable. (No need to remove the inserts).

Made with ECOGOLD’s superior craftsmanship you know and love.

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