Ambassador Program





The application process for the Leveza Ambassador program is now open!
What criteria do you need to apply?

  • Have good visibility on social networks (around 1000 followers either on Instagram or Facebook), with horses and good image quality.
  • Be a recognized and certified trainer who has a good network with their clients OR be a recognized and active athlete on the competition grounds for 2023.
  • To have placed a minimum of 1 order with us.
  • It is very important to be 16 years old and over and to live in Canada or the USA.


What do you need to send us?
- An email containing

∙ Your name, complete address, email address.
∙ A short description of yourself.
∙ Name of your social media and the link to your platforms.
∙ Your discipline and your plans for 2023, hopes, dreams or anything else we might find interesting! (All disciplines are open. Even though we are an English riding brand, feel free to apply even if you ride Western or do any other equestrian activities!)
∙ What do you like about our brand and products?
∙ How are you going to help us promote our brand and products and be a part of our team?
∙ Finally, a big plus is to send pictures of your horses or videos of you

What can you expect as a Leveza Equestrian brand ambassador?

  • Enjoy an unlimited personal discount of 10% for 2023 (depending on who you
    are and what you can do as a brand ambassador, you may have an extra discount).
  • You can receive free gifts during the year with your orders.
  • When you are selected, you will receive an ambassador kit containing promo items (i.e.:  a Leveza banner to bring at competitions (if applicable), a Leveza cup, and a Leveza ambassador T-shirt). 

A brand ambassador is different from a sponsored rider. A brand ambassador receives a discount that can be used in exchange for promoting the brand on social platforms and other. You will not receive free items or be paid for promoting the brand.
What we ask is simple, to be passionate about what you do!
The more we see that you help us, the more we will want to help you! It’s like a

Further notice: the application process will be opened from February 1st, 2023, to March 1st, 2023. Selected people will receive an email mid-March. We will select 20 to 25 people. We will select people by discipline proportionately to the number of applications we receive. Please do not send us an email to ask us if you have been selected.

Please your application to
In the object of email, use this format: Ambassador 2023, (first and last name).
Only applications sent to THIS EMAIL will be accepted.
Emails sent AFTER the deadline WILL NOT be processed.
If you have not received an email, you have not been selected.


Notice for brand ambassadors in 2022: If you wish to be selected for 2023, you must send us another application and mention to us that you were a part of our 2022 program. Moreover, if you have any ideas that we could use to improve this program, please let us know your thoughts. 


Sincerely, Leveza