Clippin’ Awesome After Clip Deep Moisture Treatment


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We aren’t big fans of a dull and dandruffy looking coat after clipping. Are you? If your answer is no, bring on Clippin’ Awesome and say good-bye to dullness in your life!

Full of earth-approved organic goodness with zero silicones, parabens or artificial
fragrances, this deep-moisture treatment – containing a cocktail of fine oils like Camellia, Grapeseed and Coconut – will help to revive and restore your horse’s clipped coat back to its glory. We’ve added Vitamin E, a superstar antioxidant known for its dry skin conditioning properties, and Organic Lavender Essential Oil not only helps to condition and protect skin, but is also known in equine aromatherapy for its relaxing benefits.


Pour 6 oz or more into a gallon of warm water and sponge over your horse’s coat. Skin patch test recommended.

Packaged in 100% recycled plastic.

472 ml (16 FL OZ)

And like all our products, it is made with human grade ingredients, because we only believe in the best for you and your horse.
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“I was one of the first people who had the pleasure to try this product before it was officially launched and I was immediately hooked. Horses in northern climates grow quite a coat and we clip regularly – every 6 weeks or so. The difference in my horse’s coat after the first clip of the season and the 2nd where I applied Clippin’ Awesome was night and day. My mare’s coat was noticeably more “alive”. And the smell – let me tell you about the smell – it’s amazing? My mare is not a big fan of body clipping. I let her sniff the bottle before the clip and the aromatherapy of lavender sure works! She was so much calmer and cooperative.” Leanna Lewis, Ocala FL

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